Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The final countdown

Hey everyone sorry its been ages since I've been on here to update things. So heres whats has been happening for the past month or so. I had my IFT (initial fitness test) for the navy about two weeks ago that had me running 1.5 miles with 10 19-21 year old boys.... I did not think that was a fair fight but I beat 3 of them so I was happy! Other then that things have been just maintain and not get into any sort of trouble while I wait for my leave date as far as the Navy goes.
Right after my IFT I headed out for my last chance round of trips and vacations, starting with a camping trip in McCall Idaho with an wonderful group of people. It was amazingly beautiful and prefect weather, we didn't do much, a lot of talking, playing games, and hanging by the lake all in all a perfect chillax weekend.   
The next week I headed to the Pfister house in Twin Falls and hung out with my two favorite little girls and my best friend where I became half Pfister according to Lexi and Lily. Last weekend was amazing I drove through Yellowstone for the first time ever, headed to Montana to go rafting with the Hooters Peak Ski and Raft club, it was BEAUTIFUL.

What a GREAT trip, I got to meet some new friends, had three runs on the river, went to the boiling river in Yellowstone (a natural hot springs that flows into the river) and hit the town for a little bit of a dance.
On the way home Casey, Ryan, Abby and myself stopped and checked out a few of the sights through Yellowstone. Oh and I saw a Buffalo!!!! It was kinda funny cause I was giddy like a little kid, all the while thinking "I ate you for dinner the other night" lol. Now I'm in San Jose CA visiting my family, next week I fly down to San Diego to see the rest of my family as well as my clan from college. Then a short stop back home before I head back to Montana for a few days for the last part of my trips. I hope to have some pic's up soon and I will try to be better at getting post up. Oh and I am still planning on doing my Vlog with cooking tips just need to get out of boot camp and get a pay check first lol. Talk to you all soon!