Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Happy Wednesday everyone! 
So I'm strangely becoming addicted to different YouTube channels lately, which is actually worse then getting addicted to new shows on TV lol.  Anyways lately I have really been inspired by these strangers to do something, anything that will maybe help me figure out exactly how to use my degree in and creative side.   First I want to thank the people who have planted the small seeds in my head; Barbie, The Sailor Geek, Five Awesome Girls, and a Commander in the Navy.  So I have a few ideas swirling around in my head but I think what I want to do is kinda a strange combination of things.  Barbie encouraged me a few month back to try writing an article for a nutrition online news letter and then I had a request  for some help coming up with quick healthy meals for one, Five awesome girls are just to stinking excitable about things they are passionate  about, so my thought is this I want to start doing a Vlog spot on cooking and shopping on a budget whens its just for you.  I have no real idea where to start for this, I don't even have a way to record at the moment. LOL but I'm kinda super excited about it.  Have an absolutely fabulous day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

one step closer to becoming a sailor

Ok so I am finally sitting down and updating my blog.  So alot has changed since I last wrote an entry.  I have made it through the processes of taking my ASVAB (scored in the 95% which seriously surprised me lol) and made it to MEP's (Military Entry Processing) twice, and have picked a job and sworn in.  Now I am in the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) process until I ship out to boot camp on August 16. 

So where to start lol.  Well first off let me tell you what I will be learning for the next 1-2 years or so.  The career field I took is Advanced Electronic Computer Field.  Hmmm if you are sitting here thinking what is that, I was right there with you when it was offered to me lol.  I'm still in the process of really understanding what AECF means so I will do my best to explain it to you.  Within this field there is a few different actually rates (ie jobs) that you can have.  The two main ones are FC (Fire Controlman) or ET (Electronic Technician). So the fallowing info I stole from

Fire Controlmen (FC) typically operate weapon systems on-board surface combatant ships. They are trained in the repair, maintenance, operation and employment of weapons such as the Tomahawk Missile System, the Close-In Weapons System, the 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun Weapon System and it's associated MK86 Gun Fire Control System, the Sea Sparrow Missile System, and the Harpoon Missile Systems. 
( working on guns like this, I'm pretty sure anyways)

Electronic Technicians (ETs) are responsible for electronic equipment used to send and receive messages, computer information systems, long range radar, and calibration of test equipment. They maintain, repair, calibrate, tune, and adjust electronic equipment used for communications, detection and tracking, recognition and identification, navigation

So for the time being I am getting both physically mentally and emotionally ready for boot camp.  I am also packing up all my belongs and getting rid of anything that doesn't fit into my car to prepare for being away in training for at least a year.  I will be in Chicago for about the first year so if anyone wants to come visit the windy city!  If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.   Hope you all are enjoying your week!