Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter #2

Hey there everyone!  Hope you are all doing great. I'm doing pretty good myself.  It's our fourth week of training (my 5th week here, they don't count the first week!) As it's officially called "Hell Week" and let me tell you, I would have to agree!  For the past two days, we have had 0400 wake-up calls (which means 0315 for me) We had a PT test at 0445AM on Monday, then followed by a 2 hour inspection during which time we get to stand at attention and not flinch or else.  Today we got to go to our first weapons training which was exciting minus all the yelling.  Tomorrow we get to shoot live guns.  Thursday we will take our graduation photos (yes already!), then we have our drill inspection (i.e. marching).  Friday we have our second test.  So needless to say we are going to be crazy busy :)  The best part is that after this week things should go by fast and the end of boot camp will come and I will have my cell phone, lap top and ipod back.  Man how I miss music!
Thank you so very very much for all the love and letters.  Nothing ends a day better than having your name called over and over again at mail call!  So we are starting to run out of time for letter writing, but next letter/update I will tell you all about the characters that surround me.  Until next time.  Much love.

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