Friday, October 1, 2010

Letter #3

Hello Everyone!  So we are getting close to the end of boot camp, just three/well actually 2 1/2 weeks of training left.  We just finished "hell week", which other than the fact that we were crazy busy wasn't that bad.  We actually did really well as a division.  We flagged for our drill inspection (marching) which means we earned the right to march without our RDC and sing cadence, which may sound like it's not that big of a deal but I had a hard time not breaking out into a big ass grin the whole time.  We also earned an additional phone call!  No tears this time!
So, next week we start our fire fighting/training and the gas chamber :)/ :( not quite sure how I feel about that part of it.  Then we have battle stations which is like fake ship disaster time and then that is pretty much it, smooth sailing from there... oh and the final PFA, but I am not worried.
So, I said I would talk about some of the characters we have here.  This is definitely a division  from all over the place, and though not everyone gets along we are starting to pull it together at least for drills and lets see one of my favorite males (yes we call them males) is a guy from N. Carolina.  He has a slow southern drawl and calm personality that makes me feel like sitting on the front porch swing with a tall glass of sweet tea and watching the sun go down.
There are two sets of sisters, one easy to tell apart and the other near impossible.  One set is from Northern Idaho (yeah for the Spuds at Sea!)  and I actually will get to hang out with the eldest for the 7 months after boot camp because we are both AECF.  The younger one is headed south, maybe we will run down there when the snow and cold gets to be too much.  The second set of sisters are like one person, they make me smile.
We also have seven people unrelated with the same last name...
There are about 5 of us with the same job grouping as myself and probably 10-15 more that will be at the same A school location which is really cool.  We are all excited about having familiar faces.
A few of our males are nukes and they definitely live up to their reputation, not in a bad way, they actually crack me up.
Oh, my "brother" Yoeman, we'll call them C & C, what can I say about them, they crack me up. I actually feel bad for them sometimes having two headstrong "leader" type females to work with.  But they definitely come along for the ride and are great helping us all work together.  They are quiet, we are loud, they stay calm, we freak out.  It's a good balancing act.
OK, so time is running out and I will write more later.  Lots of love.  Thanks for the letters and prayers and support.


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