Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update from Sunny SoCal

So once again I’m coming to you all after way to long, cause I really do suck at this whole thing.   LOL I decided just to fill you all in on where I am now and where I am about to head and not try to catch up on the details of the past 4 months.  So here we go! Lol
Since last time I’ve graduated ‘A’ school, received orders and now I’m one test away from graduating my ‘C’ school and heading to my permit duty station (ie where I will be spending the next 4 years).   In a little over a week I will fly home for a quick Christmas break before I start my long, long drive from San Diego California to (drum roll please) Norfolk Virginia!   That’s right I’m going to one of the two places I didn’t really want to go, but hey at least I’m dragging some of my best friends with me lol.  As far as orders go I am on the USS Eisenhower (CVN69), a carrier.  I am, or soon will be, an ISM (information systems maintenance) ET, and I have put on my 3rd class Petty officer pin.  For the past 3 month I have been in sunny San Diego, which was a major blessing to get to be close to my family and friends from college after being so far away for so long last year and over the holidays.
So that catches you all up on my “navy life” as far as my everyday life things have really been difficult.  My family is going through some hard times right now, and it has started to take its toll on me.   A huge part of me wants to use this blog to share these struggles, but I think I am going to have to tackle that tomorrow… Those of you who know me best know that I am a pretty private person, and I am really trying to work on being more open person, to share my struggles with those around me.  So hope you have a great day, and I will check in again soon.

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